Instagram, Cool Video, and When She'll Fart In Front of You (GOOD MORNING!)

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-- yes, kids love it -- but so should you.  I make an argument why you should make Instagram an Insta-priority.  It's the easiest way to make a deep connection with your fans.  Head here to check it out (including some pics from my own account)

A video you need to check out!  When was the last time the client you endorse went to this much trouble to make you look cool?  Check out the vid I discovered from a car dealership in San Jose here 

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How long before she farts in front of you

It takes 7 1/2 months for a woman to feel completely comfortable around a man. And by comfortable, we mean comfortable enough to burp or go to the bathroom with her partner in the same room.

Here are 10 things women feel comfortable doing after 7.5 months:

1. Act more 'myself'
2. Pass wind/burp
3. Go to the toilet
4. Wear no makeup
5. Wear scruffy clothes
6. Dye moustache
7. Pick spots
8. Wear unsexy/unmatching underwear
9. Act poorly
10. Pluck eyebrows

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